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Poem – Promise

That evening I played in the snow and ice
crossing fields and hiking uphill
as the air dropped below zero and I promised
the sun and moon to listen and be respectful.



Stone Path Review is not gone…

We are just resting a bit, writing about and photographing the world at large and in our backyard.  It has been over 1-year since our last issue and while publishing a print magazine may or may not take place again, arts and creativity are in our blood.  We will continue to update and add content to the Stone Path Review website.

In the meantime, these two are enjoying what little winter we have had.


Poem – One Truth

The poem “One Truth” from the reading on 05/04/14.

The rain filled dharma is still dharma.

Rain falls in fields of white snow.
If the snow is one truth,
what happens when the snow melts
what happens to the truth?

It becomes the earth.

No matter the state of being
the state of mind the dharma
exists across the empty field.

Clouds touch the moon.
I cover the moon with my thumb.

Light rains upon the
fields I walk across.

Winter 2012 – Update

featured-image_01Part 2 of “Tunnels” has been posted and can be read here.

Winter 2012 Issues Update

featured-image_01A new poem has been added to the Winter 2012 issue – “Deep Thoughts” by Ricci Milan.

Photographs Added to the Published Poetry

featured-image_01For this issue’s poetry, photographs by Patricia Youker of Twisted Root Studios have been added.

First Issue has Been Released – Winter 2012

featured-image_01The first issue of Stone Path Review (Issue 01-12) is now complete and on-line and ready for your reading and enjoyment.  This issue features 3 poems, nature photographs, and part 1 of an anonymous submission titled “Tunnels”.

A biography for each artist is listed in the “Artists” category.

As this is our first release, we would appreciate any feedback, comments, and constructive criticism.  We hope to make Stone Path Review a place, a community if you will, for artists and our loyal readers.

Open for Submissions

featured-image_01Stone Path Review is now accepting submissions for the upcoming Winter 2012 online issue.  Please review the guidelines, quarterly themes, and frequently asked questions.  Submissions are due December 15th 2011.

Please visit the Submit page for more information and to submit your work for review.