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Poetry Month – Poems by Hosai Ozaki

The following are a selection of haiku poems from Right under the big sky, I don’t wear a hat, the haiku and prose of Hosai Ozaki.

I look back at the shore, not one footprint let

The cigarette is dead, I cast away the loneliness

Dead leaves shake down the trees and broom the blue sky

A single garden rock places, evening comes

A pine grove let the children go home and is darkening

Such a good moon, I look at it by myself and go to sleep

I cup sparrow’s warmth, let it go

Stone Path Review – Winter 2014

I am proud to announce that we just finished the Winter 2014 issue of Stone Path Review.  You are able to view it online, as a flip-book, or download a PDF.  This issue features poetry, photography, a short story, and an interview with the director of a mountain guide training school located in Alaska and Patagonia.

Stone Path Review Winter 2014

Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Winter 2014

Artistic journal of poetry, photography, short stories and an interview with the director of a mountain guide training school.

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Spring 2013 – Now Online

The Spring 2013 edition of Stone Path Review is now online here. The PDF and printed version will be available soon.

As Winter slowly becomes Spring, we celebrate National Poetry Month, and the power and majestic beauty of nature and the mind.

Featured in this issue is an interview with writer Regina Bou and work from these fine artists: Aaron Bowen, Debbie Crawford, Jay Duret, Kenneth Pobo, Pete Armetta, Rachel Dacus, Thomas Zimmerman, Valentina Cano, and Don Cellini.