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Arts – Slant Art and Culture Magazine

Photographer Aaron Bowen (Facebook), a frequent contributor to Stone Path Review, has published the first issue of “Slant”.

“Slant, Wichita’s new art and culture magazine, is here! I have 100 copies, and the rest will be delivered Monday or Tuesday. I will be talking with different businesses as to where it will be sold, and will let you know when it is on the newsstands (hopefully Watermark, Barnes & Noble, etc.) The magazine will retail for $7.99 and will be published twice per year. If you live out of town and would like a copy, send me a message, and I will mail one to you for $10. Thank you for your support–I am proud of this magazine and hope it is something the community will embrace…”

Summer 2014 Issue Now Available

Volume 3, issue 11 of Stone Path Review is now available for your reading pleasure.

This issue features an interview with a goat farmer, Beth Donovan; photography by A.J. Huffman, Aaron Bowen, Brian Biggs, Claire Ibarra, Galen Faison, and John Sikkila; and writing by David Rutter, J.B. Mulligan, Jeffrey Willius, John Michael Flynn, Kathleen Lindstrom, Kathryn Hujda, Michael Gould, Michael K. Gause, and Sarah Nour.


Stone Path Review Summer 2014

Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Summer 2014

Latest issue of the artistic journal Stone Path Review featuring an interview with a goat farmer, poetry, short stories, and images of people and nature.

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The Circus is Coming to Town

The Rhythmic Circus that is.




Official Promo for Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!



Rhythmic Circus

Rhythmic Circus

MN Prison Writing Workshop

My good friend Wendy Brown-Baez is involved in this worthwhile and important organization. Please take a look and share information and links to get more exposure and interest in what the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop is trying to accomplish.

There are roughly 10,000 individuals incarcerated in Minnesota state prisons but few educational or creative outlets for inmates outside of a GED mandate.  When Congress abolished Pell Grants for prisoners in 1994, they effectively eliminated inmates’ access to higher education despite the fact that education reduces recidivism rates and costs far less than continued incarceration.

The Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop extends Minnesota’s vibrant literary community to state prisons. For the mutual benefit of prisoners and MPWW members, we offer courses inside the state’s correctional facilities.  Our courses include fiction writing, essay writing, poetry, spoken word, oral story telling, children’s literature, fantasy writing, and more.  Classes vary in length and depth.  Some workshops are 12 weeks long and others meet for one day.  Our students are a diverse group of writers ranging from beginners who are writing for the first time to experienced writers who are already publishing.

The MN Prison Writing Workshop is fund raising as we can function as a non-profit and expand programming. Not only do the bars melt away but we remind inmates that they are human beings and are not forgotten.

Help the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop Become a Nonprofit!

Official Website:

Call for Submissions

Now that the Winter 2014 issue of Stone Path Review has been published, we look ahead…

We are always accepting, reading, and responding to submissions.  We accept poetry, short stories, prose, and visual arts.  We are especially looking for photography, both for the cover and inside, drawings, original artwork, photos of artwork, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please follow our blog or like us on Facebook for more information and announcements.

Thank you for your patience and to our readers and artists who have trusted their work with us. We would not be here without you.

Stone Path Review – Winter 2014

I am proud to announce that we just finished the Winter 2014 issue of Stone Path Review.  You are able to view it online, as a flip-book, or download a PDF.  This issue features poetry, photography, a short story, and an interview with the director of a mountain guide training school located in Alaska and Patagonia.

Stone Path Review Winter 2014

Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Winter 2014

Artistic journal of poetry, photography, short stories and an interview with the director of a mountain guide training school.

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Fall 2013 – Available as Flip-book or to Purchase

THe flip-book version of the magazine can be viewed, or purchased at the following website.

Stone Path Review Fall 2013

Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Fall 2013

Artistic Journal with poetry, photography, featured artist interview, and short stories. We are artists publishing journals for other artists.

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Summer 2013 – Now Available

The Summer 2013 issue of Stone Path Review is now published and ready for your reading and viewing pleasure. This issue features an interview with Ben Coffman; poetry by Brendan Sullivan, Changming Yuan, Les Wicks, Peycho Kanev, and Tricia Knoll; photography and drawings by A.J. Huffman, Ben Coffman, Joezel Jang, and W. Jack Savage.

Thank you very much to our contributing artists and of course anyone who takes the time to read the issues.

Guest Writer – Alan S. Kleiman

Stone Path Review presents poetry by guest writer Alan Kleiman – His poetry has appeared in Verse Wisconsin, The Criterion, Camel Saloon, Fringe, The Montucky Review, Pyrta, and other journals. His chapbook, Grand Slam, is forthcoming from Crisis Chronicles Press. He lives in New York City and works as an attorney.

Tomorrow night I will see
what I am to become
A teetotaler in the forest
Surrounded by giant redwoods
And thick underbrush

The rabbits bump their heads trying to hop
There are blueberry bushes
amongst these thickets
And small birds fend for the fruit
I filled a basket with bleuets
And spread them on my teeth
Though I looked ghastly
I smiled broadly
Doing mischief in the woods
In my heart.

Yesterday I knew no one
Today my name is clear
But I don’t speak
All stays within
To rearrange voices
And make way for the new order

Publishing and Business Update

In 2012 we started a non-profit business called 418 Publishing, Inc. that was the parent company and publisher of Stone Path Review.

Since that time, we have published five issues of Stone Path Review with countless poems, short stories, photographs, artwork and interviews from over 20 artists.  Two of the issues have been printed in limited quantities as we look to diversify.  We maintain a website with all of the content plus book reviews, essays about writing, and soon a forum for artists to connect with each other.

We do not charge reading or submission fees, and never will (it’s in our mission and goal to not charge fees of any kind for submissions or book reviews).  Our plans are to publish one to two books per year, print 500 copies of Stone Path Review that can be purchased, and offer very limited and focused merchandise that is artistic related (who does not drink coffee or tea or use pens/pencils?).

As a non-profit, we have never taken a donation, and as such, it does not make sense any longer to be a non-profit status.  We have always self-funded the operations of the websites, marketing, domain names, printing costs, equipment, etc., and have no intentions of changing that.  So, it made sense to create a new company that will be the publisher of Stone Path Review, books, and another journal to be named later.  Additionally, we will offer services for manuscript editing, and development and designing of websites for other artists.

The new business is named Enso Press, LLC and the website will be at

The definition of Enso is:

a Japanese word meaning “circle” and a concept strongly associated with Zen. Ensō is one of the most common subjects of Japanese calligraphy even though it is a symbol and not a character. It symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void; it can also symbolize the Japanese aesthetic itself. As an “expression of the moment” it is often considered a form of minimalist expressionist art.

As such, we have a created a new logo for the business and will be unveiling a new logo for Stone Path Review that blends the insight of Ensō with paths of stone.  We feel the concept and ideas behind Ensō, being the “universe” and connecting with all artists is critical in our culture and is the next step in our mission and goal.  It feels right, and makes sense.

Also, we are always accepting and reading submissions.  Please visit our website or send an email to submit your work for consideration.

Literature – Book Signing and Review

Today we are heading to a book signing by Jeffrey Willius, author of “Under the Wild Ginger”.  Details at Facebook here.  Below is a book review we published to Stone Path Review.

Winter 2013 has been published

The Winter 2013 edition of Stone Path Review, with poetry, short stories, photography, and a featured artist, has been published and is ready for your enjoyment.  A PDF and print version will be available shortly.  This issue features the following artists: Aaron Bowen, Ashley Dull, Carl Sandburg, Chris Roe, Craig Steele, Dweep Mustang, Felice Scrittore, Greg Morton, Hanakia Zedek, Mike Finley, and William Ricci.

Please visit the website, read the current issue, back issues and other artistic content that we have.