2012 – Spring (Vol 01, Issue 02)

Welcome to the Spring 2012 issue featuring prose, poetry, a short story, photography, and a tribute to the recently departed John Haines.   In this issue we veer from the debut issue concerning literal paths, and look deeper at experiences helping to shape the path we choose.

We have chosen “Barn Dust” from Alan Kleiman as the lead artistic piece.  While it uses a familiar approach of the poem being about writing a poem, it offers a more specific topic in trying to find a “closing rhyme”.  Using barn dust and the nearing sun, we look for “the screw or nail” but find the rhyme in an unexpected place.

Stone Path Review, Issue #2, Spring 2012 (02-12)


“Zen Snow”, by Wendy Brown-Baez
“Barn Dust”, by Alan Kleiman
“Escape”, by Deanna Reiter
“Cultivate the Fields”, by William Ricci
“Occasional Swerve”, by Dara Syrkin
“The Field of Dreams”, by Hanakia Zedek


“Tunnels, Part 3”, by Felice Scrittore
“What We Really Are”, by Craig Steele


“Outside My Front Door”, by Alyssa L.


“John Haines”, by William Ricci